About Us

Welcome to topbookmakercanada.com! This site is dedicated to sports betting enthusiasts who live in the country. We will discuss the topic of sports betting from different angles, in English and French.

What are the topics on Top Bookmaker Canada?

As explained on the homepage, we have selected the best authorized bookmakers in Canada using several criteria: reliability, betting offer, welcome bonus, application or payment method. These are major parameters to consider before signing up with an online bettor.

This is why we have tested these bookmakers for you through our detailed reviews that you can find on our site. For the moment, we have about ten betting companies but we will gradually increase this number over time. We update daily the information about sports betting.

We have also dedicated special pages on sports betting applications. Which bookmaker offers an Android and iOS app? Which online bettor offers only a mobile version? You will know the answer at a glance. We also explain how to download the app from the official website of the gaming platform or from the Apple Store for iOS apps.

Who runs Top Bookmaker Canada?

Top Bookmaker Canada is made up of a team of sports betting enthusiasts. That’s why we decided to create this site to advice players and to try to answer your questions. Sometimes, the information found on the bookmakers’ websites is not clear or it can be different depending on the platform. Here, all the information is gathered in one place!

Editor of the site : Laura

I am a soccer and ice hockey fan. I started watching these sports as a child with my family and the passion has never left me. I even played soccer in university. I am also a big supporter of Canada in international games whether it is soccer, ice hockey or even handball or NBA.

In addition to the bookmaker pages, my team and I will be writing articles on the latest promotions from online bettors to help you win even more money. Many of these promotions will be related to the sports I just mentioned.

Editor of the site : Boris

I am a soccer fan, especially of Chelsea in the Premier League! But I also watch closely the NBA and NHL competitions without forgetting the great tennis tournaments. Of course, I don’t miss any game of the Canadian team, whether it is the men’s or the women’s team. As I love Jonathan David and Alphonso Davies, I follow a lot the games of Lille in Ligue 1 and Bayern Munich in Bundesliga. Finally, at the national level, my heart goes out to CF Montreal!

Editor of the site : Antoine

Antoine is a writer for Top Bookmaker Canada! His passion for the NBA and basketball allows him to use his knowledge to help you in your bets on this sport.