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On our sports betting site you will find the best bookmakers in Canada. These online bettors are carefully selected by our team of experts.

Our goal? To make you win as much money as possible thanks to our opinions on the different betting companies. To do this, we have compared all the online betting offers available in the country to present the most reliable and competitive bookmakers.

Among the most reputable online bettors you will find :

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Different types of sports betting

Our aim is also to give you all the keys to understand the whole world of sports betting. What are the different types of sports betting? How to compare odds between bookmakers? You won’t find this information on the betting platforms’ websites, but only with us!
Here are the most popular types of bets:

  • Single bets
  • Combined bets
  • System bets

Single bets

Single bets consist of betting on one type of bet at a time. Indeed, this type of betting is simple to carry out because the player bets on a single odds.

Good news, since August 2021, single bets are allowed by law in Canada!
The most popular single bets are the following:

  • 1X2
  • Correct score
  • BTTS: Both teams to score

1X2 bets are the most common bets in the sports betting world. If you bet on 1, it means that you are betting on the home team to win. If you bet on X, you are betting on a draw. Finally, betting on 2 means that the away team will win the match.
1X2 bets exist in all major football competitions but not only. They are also applicable in sports such as tennis, basketball or ice hockey.

The same goes for the correct score bet. This means that the bettor predicts the exact score of a football, tennis or NBA match. This type of bet is very interesting because the odds are often very high!

Finally, betting on BTTS means that the player is certain that both teams will score goals in the match. This type of bet is only available on football (or soccer) matches.
Other bets on the number of goals scored in a match are possible on sports like ice hockey or basketball.

Combo bets

Unlike single bets, combination bets (or accumulator bets) consist of grouping several single bets together in order to multiply the odds and increase the winnings!
While combo betting can be very rewarding, it is important to remember that the risk of losing your combination bet is also high. For example, in the case of an accumulator with 3 bets, if 1 bet is lost, the whole combination is lost.

System bets

The system bet is a bit more complicated but have become more and more popular throughout the last years. For example, you have to choose a system bet of 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 4. This means that it is possible to bet on single bets associated with a single system bet and that you can also win when you don’t get every game correct.

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Paris in pre-match and live

Pre-match betting

The other important thing to know before you start betting on sports is the difference between live betting and pre-match betting. In fact, pre-match or pre-game betting is any type of betting that takes place before the kick-off of a match, regardless of the sport or competition.

Pre-match bets are therefore made before the kick-off of a match. The bettor has time to analyse his bet before placing it. For example, with the help of the statistics displayed on the bookmakers’ websites, such as the standings or the results of the latest matches.

Even if the odds are stable in pre-match betting, it is possible that the bookmaker decides to change the odds before the match based on the latest information about the match (e.g. injured or suspended player). On the other hand, once your pre-match bet is made, the odds will not change until the match starts.

Live betting

The other way to play is live. This means that each player can bet while a match is in progress. Unlike pre-match betting, with live betting the odds can change at any time depending on the progress of the match.

This type of betting provides even more adrenaline to the punters! But these are bets that are guided more by instinct than by reflection. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re better at pre-match or live betting.

Odds analysis

One last piece of advice before you start betting, take the time to analyse the odds and the different offers from the bookmakers. If you want to bet on a particular match, take a look at 2 or 3 online bettors to see what the best odds are for the bet of your choice. You will notice that depending on the bet, the odds of one bookmaker will be more interesting than another.

Feel free to use our pages with detailed reviews for each online bettor in Canada (like bet365 bookmaker). You can also open accounts with several bookmakers listed on our site if you wish.

Good luck to all!