Sports betting app

Sports betting applications are commonplace on bookmaker sites in Canada. That’s why we have dedicated a whole page to this topic. In addition, you will also discover our detailed opinion on the best online betting apps.

What are the different types of applications? How to install them on a smartphone? What is a mobile version? These are the questions we will answer.

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Different types of mobile applications

Applications are essential on our smartphones. To check your bank account, to move around, to order food, they are already numerous to be installed on the phone.

In order to avoid using a web browser, some bookmakers offer their players the possibility to download an app to bet online. These applications are most often adapted to 2 types of smartphone: Android and iOS.

App android apk

The first version of the app available is the one adapted to the Android system. Many phone brands have adopted this operating system. Reason why bookmakers have bet on this type of app. If an online bettor offers an app for Android, you will see an Android logo either on the homepage or on a page dedicated to mobile applications.

The app offers a different menu than the website, often faster and easier. This is for example the case of the bookmaker Betway Canada which has both an Android and an iOS app.

telecharger apk betway ca

How to download the Android application?

In order to download the application for Android, you have to get the apk file from the official website of the bookmaker. Indeed, this apk file is necessary to install the application. It is not possible to download the app directly from the Google Play Store because sports betting apps are not allowed. Once you have downloaded the apk file, it will be possible to install the application.

If you encounter any problem during the installation, check that you have allowed downloads from unknown sources in the phone’s security settings.

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iPhone iOS app

The other operating system used by bookmakers for their app is iOS for iPhone. Indeed, this type of app is only dedicated to the Apple iPhone brand. In the same way as for the Android application, the online bettor offers in this version of the app a speed of execution and fluidity often superior to the version for mobile or computer. Bookmakers will display the Apple logo on their site if they offer this version of the app.

How to get the app for iOS?

Unlike Google’s Play Store, the Apple Store displays all sports betting apps from its store. So it is very easy to download the app for iOS from the Apple Store using your smartphone.

betway ios application ca

Betting with the mobile version

The other possibility to bet that is offered to ALL players from their smartphone is the mobile version. This is an optimized version of the bookmaker’s official website for all phones. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and Windows Phone phones.

This is the fastest and most universal way to bet from your mobile at a sportsbook in Canada. All the essential functions of online betting are available: create an account, deposit money, activate a promotion and of course bet on the matches of your choice.

How to use the mobile version of a bookmaker?

You should know that all bookmakers offer a mobile version as long as they have a website. To access it, you need to use your internet browser and enter the name of the online bettor in the search bar. Once you have clicked on the link to access the homepage, you will notice the design adapted to the size of your phone screen.

Take the time to view all the features and categories displayed in the mobile version menu before you start placing bets. In order to connect more quickly to the mobile version of the bookmaker of your choice, you can save the bookmaker’s homepage tab in the same way as an application on the home screen of your smartphone.

For example, on the homepage of Sports Interaction, you can see the option to create an account or to take advantage of the welcome bonus. In the top left corner you can also see the menu which is symbolized by the 3 parallel bars. Finally, you see different sports on which it is possible to bet on the bookmaker’s site.

Mobile version vs. app: which is the best way to bet?

Our opinion on the question is simple: we think that the mobile version is the best way to bet from your phone. Indeed, the mobile version is available at all bookmakers, which is not the case for Android or iOS applications. Moreover, there is no need to download any app from the Apple Store or from the bookmaker with the apk file for Android.

Finally, to access the mobile version in one click as for an app, you just need to save the homepage tab on your smartphone screen. The password and user name can also be saved on the mobile version. In terms of data security, there is no difference between an app and a mobile version.

Opinions on sports betting applications in Canada

As you can see in the table above, we offer a detailed review for each app and/or mobile version of the best authorized bookmakers in Canada. For example, it will be possible to know all the steps in order to download an app from the official website of an online bettor on his phone.

We will also analyze the different functions of the menus and give information about the customer service.