Take advantage of Major League Baseball’s All Star Game promotion with Unibet

With Unibet’s promotion, you have the opportunity to bet on the game between the American League and the National Baseball League. Bet on the Baseball All-Star game with the promotion of the bookmaker Unibet live betting.

During the regular season, the New York Yankees are the first in the American League. They have a record of 64 wins and 28 losses. The Yankees have 5 more wins than the Houston Astros 2nd with a game in hand.

In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the lead with a record of 60 wins and 30 losses. They have 2 more wins than the New York Mets 2nd with 3 games less.

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During this special meeting with an All-Star baseball game between the National League and the American League, you have the opportunity to bet on the international bookmaker Unibet. Indeed, the sports betting site allows you to bet on one or more baseball games on Monday to get up to 25% bonus on your future winnings. So, by logging on the website and betting on MLB games every Monday, you can get up to 25% extra bonus.

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Be careful though, the bonus amount is a maximum of $25, so it’s important to calculate your wager before making your sports bet. This promotion is ideal for those who want to bet on the Baseball All Star this Monday. You can bet online with a betting payment solutions with the bonus you get.

An unprecedented game in baseball between America and the National League

As in the NBA, in baseball we can also find All-Star games and meetings between the two leagues. Nevertheless, the last confrontations are very unbalanced and it’s the American League which is largely in the lead. Indeed, the American League has won the last 8 meetings against the National League.

The National League players haven’t won this annual meeting against the American League since 2012. The only year the showdown has not been held in the last decade was in 2020. This confrontation is highly anticipated in the United States just like the All-Star in the NBA since it brings together the best players from each League. The best elements will face each other to open a dream show for all the Baseball fans.

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